Welcome back to the BIG leap series where we bring on some of our Camp Indie speakers to talk about their first big leaps into their location independent lives, tips & tricks to get you there, and so much more!

Today's guest is the brilliant, funny, & finance managing guru herself, Nora Dunn from the ProfessionalHobo.com. We have been huge fans of Nora's even before we could call her our friend and we couldn't be more excited to have her be a part of Camp Indie. Nora will be speaking on Managing Finances To Live Like a Location Independent Superstar so that you can make your travel & business dreams a reality knowing that you are doing it all with financial smarts. Nora makes money stuff easy to manage from anywhere & knows loopholes to travel & live like royalty on a pauper’s wage.

Take a listen to Nora's story!!

Tune In To Learn:


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